Slena Gomez’s Facebook Hacker Sentenced To Jail Time

A British man who hacked into the Facebook page of Selena Gomez who hacked into the star’s Facebook page, threatening to publish private emails between Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber has been sentenced to a year in prison.

According to The Sun, the man, named Gareth Crosskey, 21, also wrote “Justin Bieber sucks” on Gomez’s profile on the social networking site last year before the couple took their romance public.

As the result of a  $79,130 joint investigation by the FBI and Britain’s Metropolitan Police, Crosskey was tracked down after posting a video online boasting about hacking the former Disney star’s account.

Crosskey admitted to two offense against the Computer Misuse Act during a court appearance in London earlier this month and was sentenced to one year behind bars.

The Judge in the case, John Price,  told Crosskey, “You are clever with a computer and you hacked into the private part of somebody’s Facebook account. Selena Gomez had a Facebook account on which she has six million friends. They have permission to get into part of the account and you hacked into a private part by getting the email password.”

“People deserve privacy and should not have their private correspondence made public.”

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