Amanda Bynes Seeks Help From Barack Obama Over DUI Sentencing


Amanda Bynes was in court this morning to face the Judge over her DUI charge from an April arrest, and the actress has been officially charged with a DUI.

Bynes refused a brethalyzer or blood test at the scene, and was taken into custody and released on bail the next morning after swiping a cop car following a night out at a Hollywood club.

The actress has been very vocal in claiming that she does not drink, therefore was not drunk, but why refuse the tests then?

Bynes took to her Twitter this afternoon seeking a little help from President Obama. ¬†“Hey Barack Obama…I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

Unfortunately, Amanda Bynes probably believes that the President has the power to come to LA and fire a police officer, and also that he got her Tweet and is making it a top priority…

¬†District Attorney’s officials are seeking a sentencing enhancement due to the fact that Bynes refused the breathalyzer at the scene. If convicted, the actress could spend a maximum six months in jail.





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