Tara Reid Clears Up Health Rumors


Tara Reid has taken to her Twitter.com page to clear up a report that she was treated for acute pancreatitis in France over the weekend.

Reid revealed that she was only suffering from a bout with food poisoning and and had hurt her back while riding on a jetski.

She writes, “Don’t worry everyone. I’m all good and healthy. I got seafood poisoning and hurt my back on the jetski but I’m all better. Thanks for caring!”

The ‘American Pie’ actress also made note to all of her “haters” out there, namely those who were making comments over the Adidas track suit she was wearing in an accompanying photo on TMZ.

Reid added, “By the way to all you haters, I love my Adidas track suits. When you’re going on the small boat to the big one it protects you from getting wet!”

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