Paris Hilton Dealing With Doctored Audio Recording

Paris Hilton should hang out with Mitt Romney and share their doctored audio stories!

An audio recording has began to circulate the web, featuring Paris Hilton badmouthing the gay community.

During the conversation, in which Paris Hilton is chatting with friends, she’s heard talking about gay men who have sex with random strangers.  The shocking audio comes when she makes the assumption that “most of them probably have AIDS.”

A friend of Paris has reached out to Perez Hilton to clarify what exactly was going on, and has insisted that the sound bite was taken out of context, doctored, and only a piece of the conversation that took place.

The source tells Perez that the convo was recorded while Paris was out with her gay friends during Fashion’s NIght Out.  The source admitted that she and her pals had been drinking, and that Paris’ friends were actually just concerned about a mutual friend of theirs in Spain who knowingly has the AIDS virus, and still continues to have unprotected sex with strangers without revealing the info first.   The comments from Hilton came when when her friends went on to share that their friend was seeking sexual partners online.  That’s when the terms “gross” and “disgusting” were used, directed at one individual, rather than the entire gay community.

The source claims that the majority of the conversation was doctored by the cab driver, clearly showing the intentions of exploiting a celebrity for money.

Though Paris Hilton probably should be more careful of her whereabouts when making any sort of statement like she did, regardless of the back story or not, hopefully she doesn’t face the huge backlash that she is likely to face.

You can read more about it on Perez Hilton by clicking here. 








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