Donald Trump Releases His “Big Announcement” Via Ransom Type Video

Billionaire Donald Trump has been toting his “big announcement” for nearly a week now, promising that it could potentially shake up the upcoming election.

Trump’s big announcement came as scheduled on Wednesday morning at noon est, and the response mainly looked like this: “………………………………”

Trump called out the POTUS in the video, which looked more like a ransom note, insisting that if he, or someone close to him would release his college transcripts, Trump would donate $5 million dollars to the charity or charities of the President’s choice.

President Obama ought to take him up on the offer for charity’s sake, unless he’s truly got something to hide.

Regardless, it may not be the election “shake up” Trump suggested.  Most people have made up their mind already one way or the other.  But you never know what the small amount of undecideds can accomplish in such a tight race.

Check out Donald’s big announcement below.   Political stunt, publicity stunt, or valid point?  You decide.

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