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Jon Gosselin Says He’s Done With Interviews

Talk about falling off the face of the earth. Jon Gosselin went through a divorce, being fired by TLC, and making his money off of TV and media interviews to wanting to enjoy a normal life. Nobody has talked about him, or to him for that matter for some time now, but he’s saying by […]

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Jon Gosselin’s New Construction Job

Jon Gosselin is taking a second stab at a day job. The one time TLC reality star is struggling for cash these days, and when his new tech job didn’t work out  his other option was manual labor. Gosselin has been working with Green Point Energy for about a week now, as they have been […]

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Jon Gosselin Quits His 9 to 5

In a quick turn of events, Jon Gosselin has quit his day job. Even though he was trying to make an example by getting the job saying he wanted to be normal and away from the fame, it only took Jon a couple of weeks to throw in the towel. A source close to Jon […]

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Jon Gosselin’s Efforts to Keep Kids Out of Australia Come Up Short

Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids spent the New Year in Australia filming scenes for a Kate Plus 8 special to air on TLC, but it wasn’t without a last ditch effort from Jon Gosselin to stop their trip. Jon and Kate met with a judge just before they were scheduled to leave on their […]

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Back to Work: Jon Gosselin Gets a Real Job

Because there’s no more money in visiting restaurants, no more reality tv deals, and no more interview opps coming Jon Gosselin’s way, the  father of eight was forced to get a regular job! A source is reporting that Jon has gotten back into the tech business, a job that he had before the show premiered […]

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Former Jon Gosselin Flame Responds to Rant

Because the only way Jon Gosselin remains relevant is by putting out statements to the media through social networking, it only makes sense for a girl that is only recognized as his former girlfriend during his downward spiral would do the same. After Jon’s two overly-long tweets regarding his kids on television, his ex, Hailey […]

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Jon Gosselin Tweeting About His Kids Again

Jon Gosselin is still making statements about his kids via Twitter, and still using way more than 140 characters! In fact, he’s had to move to the service called ‘Twitlonger.’ Jon writes…and writes…and writes: Due to the overwhelming amount of questions, statements, false statements in the media, I would like to clarify a few things. […]

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Jon Gosselin’s State of the Union on Twitter

Jon Gosselin must not get that Twitter is 140 characters or less for a reason. Somehow he made this public address possible today on the social network: “As you may or may not be aware, I have been working for some time to remove my children from television. I do not believe being on TV […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Jon Gosselin Wants Back on TV

Jon Gosselin has essentially burned his bridges with TLC, but he’s desperate for some on screen time. A Gosselin insider tells Starzlife EXCLUSIVELY that Jon is much happier with  the divorce out of the way, but he’s missing the spotlight, not to mention the paycheck. “Jon has been spending time with his new girlfriend Ellen […]

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Jon Gosselin Writing Book

Because he’s almost out of other options, Jon Gosselin is hoping that he can make some fast cash by writing a book! The book, titled Slice Of Life: Jon Gosselin’s Story,  will be written with the help of his life coach, Sylvia Lafair. Lafair explains: “The book is about having eight kids all at once […]

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