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EXCLUSIVE!!! Jennifer Lopez to drop the name J LO

A source close to Jennifer Lopez are telling us that ” she’s (Jennifer)  going to be referred to as Jennifer on set of America Idol” Throughout her career, Lopez has enjoyed many a nicknames, also including one of our personal faves,  Jenny from the Block, but now that she’s become such a huge star, she’s […]

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Jennifer Lopez is a Cry Baby over her Birthday

Jennifer Lopez, in true diva form, always has to be upset about something, even on her birthday. That’s the Diva Code. Seriously, you ever see Mariah Carey or Beyonce look genuinely happy? No, they’re always pissed off about something straying from their pitch-perfect vision. So what was the horrible, devastating thing that happened that left […]

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Jennifer Lopez and Skeletor

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony posed forpictures outside NBC studios last night. Jennifer smiled happily, still plump after giving birth to twins. When a reporter asked about Jennifer’s weight, Marc squeezed Jenn’s butt and growled, “mucho culo.”Not really. But I bet he wanted to!Somebody PLEASE pay Mommy Dearest!  Did you ever notice that Marc Anthony […]

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And then there were four…

Double duty of freaky genetic heirs has finally arrived!!That’s right, people!  JLO has finally popped!   Early this morning in Long Island, NY, the Anthony-Lopez spawn were finally thrust into our world.  Doctors and family members alike agreed on giving mama a break from her pushy nature, having her undergo a safer C-Section instead.  As […]

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Let’s just hope they get their mamita’s genes!

Jennifer Lopez may just be a’ poppin’ today!Pagesix is reporting that the lush, private room at North Shore University Hospital which is being held for Jennifer Lopez and which was recently refurbished and redecorated especially for her, is finally being graced with her ginormous presence!!  Staffers and patients at the hospital are confirming that the […]

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J. Lo is a GLOW

OMG! How adorable does Jenny from the block look all knocked up!?! She is just glowing!!!! She has never, ever looked better! Now Mr. Lopez on the other hand aka Marc Anthony is looking more and more zombie like. Barf. To think I used to have the hots for this skeleton before he and Jennifer […]

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