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Miley’s Sunday Show.

Miley Cyrus and live-in boyfriend Justin Gaston went out for a photo op jog in the valley this weekend. Naturally, the underwear model had to go shirtless, because god forbid he sweats on one of the plain white t-shirts he only ever wears.  Not to be over shadowed though, young miley chose short denim shorts, […]

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Miley and her Roomate Enjoy a Bike Ride and Breakfast.

We spotted sweet sixteen-year-old  Miley Cyrus and her 20-year-old underwear model boyfriend Justin Gaston leaving the Cyrus home this morning around 8 a.m. and hopping on their bikes to grab some breakfast in Toluca Lake. Dressed in the equivalant to pajamas, it appears as if these two rolled right out of bed to go get […]

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Miley’s Man Back to His Country Roots.

Miley Cyrus’ 20-year-old underwear model boyfriend Justin Gaston rocked the runway at Las Vegas Fashion week for Christian Audigier’s show. Gaston opened up the show dressed like a cowboy, which is fitting considering he was descovered by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus on the reality singing competition Nashville star. Justin took the time to sit […]

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New Justin Gaston.

Miley Cyrus’ 20-year-old underwear model boyfriend Justin Gaston has released a new song on YouTube. This time, he doesn’t have the young Cyrus yappin in his ear during the whole thing. The song is called Rearview Style, and he made the video for his aunt, because she really likes the song.  How sweet. Remember, the […]

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Miley’s Boy is a Singer Too Ya’ll!

In case you all forgot, Miley Cyrus‘ way older boyfriend was a singler long before he became ‘Miley Cyrus’ way older boyfriend.’ In fact it was the tv show Nashville Star in which Billy Ray discovered him and brought him home to the family like a stray puppy! Justin Gaston appeared in the latest episode […]

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Is Gaston Demanding Of His Teen Queen?

Sounds like Justin Gaston is NOT going to let a 16-year-old pop superstar get the best of him. Word on the set of Miley’s new video for Fly on the Wall is that Justin had the final say in who got to play her love interest in the video. The spy told E! that It […]

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When Will Miley Learn.

With a new man obviously comes new Miley Cyrus photo scandal. Don’t think Nick Jonas was going to be the only recipient of some revealing pictures of Hannah Montana, because Justin Gaston is now atop of her e-mail list. You’d think she’d learn not to behave like this after past incidents, or maybe this newest […]

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Another Interview With Justin Gaston!

StarzLife got this interview with Justin Gaston last week before he had a chance to get into Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend mode. What exactly does that mean? I’ll tell you. Gaston arrived to the studio later than the rest of the models, because he knew once someone spotted him it was over for him for the […]

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Miley’s Tongue… The VIDEO!

StarzLife has got video footage of what you’ve all been talking about! Check out this video of Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out at Justin Gaston during the Christian Audigier fashion show. Following that, she shakes her head while mouthing across the runway to Heidi Klum, “My boyfriend.” There you have it, they are really […]

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Miley’s Boyfriend Hits the Runway!

Justin Gaston, the 20-year-old underwear model boyfriend of Miley Cyrus walked the runway at Christian Audigier’s American Lord show at Smashbox Studios for Fashion Week 2008. StarzLife had a chance to chat with Gaston, and he seemed like a decent guy. Video interview will be posted later on. Justin arrived later than the rest of […]

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