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Nicky Hilton finally found a friend!

Unlike her sister Paris, Nicky doesn’t have to make a website to get a friend.

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Quick question from an undressed fatty… Suzie BI*CH item of the day!

Ok, bear with me, as I’m just a product of my tribe.  I live in an unknown island where it’s always scorching and everyone is fat.  We all spend our days running around naked, and envying the fashion, bods and lack of anonymity fame of Hollywood’s most anorexic admired.  That being said, I ask that […]

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Nicky Hilton’s cellphone is stuck to her head.

Super skinny Nicky Hilton shopping at Chanel in Beverly Hills on April 7th  in a very (extra) slimming black outfit.  The twig sized sister of Paris Hilton, who is obviously not looking for a new BFF but perhaps should be, was chatting on her cell phone the entire time she was in the store, even while […]

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A business woman is definitely my kind of gal!

Nicky Hilton: Rich, famous, and hardworking!! She even carries out her own trash purse!!Looking pretty cute this week, the incredibly skeletal fat (y’all happy now?) Nicky Hilton spent quite some time in various stores and fashion hot spots, in hopes of promoting her clothing line, which mostly features her own designs (she went to school […]

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SHOCKING!! Nicky Hilton: Her bony little chicken legs tell the tale…

Of ANOREXIA!!Just in case y’all weren’t sure about this Hilton sister’s current anorexic physique, last time we put up her skinny pictures, we now have some additional images to satisfy all our sick curiosity.  Nicky went shopping yesterday in Beverly Hills, and we were just shocked at how skinny and pale she looked.  Some of our photographers even felt […]

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Shocking Nicky Hilton. . .EXCLUSIVE & Anorexic?!

Stick thin, and legs wide open? That’s gotta be a Hilton!Is it just me, or is Nicky starting to look like one of the Olsen thins twins?Honestly, what in the world is going on? Don’t people EAT ANYMORE? Nicky Hilton looked amazingly thin as she stepped out to do a little retail therapy today. I […]

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Joan’s On Third for Lunch!

http://www.joansonthird.comIf I were a food critic I would totally write a review about Joan’s on Third! The food is straight off the coolest Food Network shows and the place is just soo hip! Celebrities love this spot, too! Jake Gyllenhal, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, Kirsten Dunst, Janice Dickenson, Brooke Mueller and Nicole Richie just to […]

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