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Dennis Rodman Headed for Celebs Rehab

Dennis Rodman is continuing to work the reality show circuit by appearing next on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. Rodman last appears up against Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, but this time around it wont be a competition of skills, but rather a chance to document his time during detoxification at a Pasadena rehab […]

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Dr. Drew Thinks Lindsay is Headed Down Spears Lane.

Everyone is analyzing Lindsay Lohan’s actions in anticipation of a blow out since her breakup with Samantha Ronson, and one guy who knows better than the rest of us thinks it’s on the way. Dr. Drew Pinsky, who host’s the show Celebrity Rehab, recently told TV’s Extra; “She’s a straight-up addict, and she needs help.” […]

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Kelly Osbourne Checks Out.

Third times a charm they say.  Kelly Osbourne has reportedly completed the 30-day program at an Oregon rehab fecility and back on the straight and narrow. According to a British paper, Osbourne was spotted out shopping with her mother in Malibu, CA yesterday afternoon. Hopefully Kell is better for good this time!

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Andy Dick Desperate to Get Off the Sauce.

After 10 trips to rehab, Andy Dick is desperate to quit drinking for good.  The comedian attributes his goals to hating the way he acts when he’s had too much to drink. After an incident in 2008, Dick has been ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet, which alerts the authorities when he’s been […]

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Kelly Osbourne’s Boot Camp Treatment.

Kelly Osbourne isn’t battling her addiction at some swanky Malibu rehab facility like most celebs do this time.  Instead, she’s at a facility that cured father, Ozzy, back when he was battling alcohol and drug addiction. Last week, Kelly checked into the Hazelden Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center in Oregon, but her mom, Sharon, wouldn’t […]

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Kelly Osbourne Checks Into Rehab.

According to a statement released by Kelly Osbourne’s rep on thursday, “Kelly Osbourne has voluntarily entered a medical facility to address some personal issues. Her family supports and stands by her.” Kelly’s mother, Sharon confirmed with the following late Thursday night, though she wouldn’t elaborate what exactly Kelly was being treated for; “What else can […]

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More Claims of Sweetin Relapse.

In a classic case of a “is this believable or not” stories, a source on the set of Jodie Sweetin’s latest film (yes, someone hired her for something!) is claiming that they saw the rehabbed star who is currently in the middle of a nasty divorce/custody battle snort cocaine. A source described as a “co-worker” […]

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‘Nobody’s Daughter’ Inspired By Trip to Rehab.

Courtney Love’s latest album still hasn’t been released, but she’s crediting the inspiration for Nobody’s Daughter to a stint in a drug rehabilitation center. Love spent 3 months in rehab back in 2005, followed by three months on house arrest for violating probation, and that is when she is said to have written eight of […]

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David Duchovny has reportedly been released from rehab.  The X files star was spotted out this weekend for the first time since seeking treatment for sex addiction for the past month. David gets out just when his new show, Californication is kicking off this season.  Hopefully he stays away from the actual californication for a […]

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Duchovny is Heard to be “Doing Well”

It’s been nearly a month since Californication actor David Duchovny entered a rehab facility because all he wanted to do was Californicate. The recovering sex-addict is still at a treatment facility, but according to one of his co-stars is “doing really well.” Evan Handler told Us Weekly at their launch party for the Sex in […]

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