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Finally, Some Justice for Roman Polanski

Auteur Roman Polanski has won $4,670 in damages from a French newspaper for running pictures of him taken at his Swiss ski chalet home. A Paris court convicted French daily Aujourd’hui en France, with its Paris edition Le Parisien, of breaching Polanski’s privacy and the right to the use of his image. These rights are […]

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Polanski Is Thankful For Our Support

From his Swiss chalet in the Alps, Roman Polanski would like to let you know that he’s doing OK. The disgraced 76 year old filmmaker is in prison waiting to find out whether he’ll be brought back to the U.S. for those messy 1977 charges of having sex with a 13 year-old girl. Said Polanski […]

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Roman Polanski Trial Postponed; Forecast In The Alps Lovely

Good news for Roman Polanski. His controversial extradition proceedings have been postponed. Again. The filmmaker, who has been accused of raping a 13 year-old girl over 30 years ago, has been serving hard time at a ski resort in Zurich with other hard-nosed criminals. The Swiss Government released the following statement: “There will be nothing […]

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Roaming Polanski: Erstwhile Rapist Allowed to Leave Jail

When you watch The Pianist, doesn’t it seem like the entire film is Roman Polanski saying, “Okay, look. I raped a 13-year-old girl once. But look what the Nazis did!” Roman must have called called All Star Bail Bonds (he probably heard the commercial on any radio station that plays Cam’Ron) because he’s getting sprung […]

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Hollywood A Listers Sign Pro-Roman Polanski Petition

Apparently in Showbiz, if you claim a young girl doesn’t deserve an award during her acceptance speech you will become universally hated; rape a young girl and you’ll be fine. A number of high profile actors and directors have signed a petition in support of Roman Polanski and against any punishment for his fleeing his […]

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Roman Polanski Finally Gets His Comeuppance

Film director Roman Polanski was finally arrested this morning after 3 decades of being on the lam following his 1978 conviction for statutory rape. Polanski was arrested as he attempted to enter Switzerland to attend the Zurich Film Festival. He was convicted in 1978 of the statutory rape of a 13 year old girl. He […]

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