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Stephanie Pratt Wants Latifah To Play Her In L.C.’s Movie

Now that “writer” Lauren Conrad‘s book L.A. Candy, is being made into a movie, let’s hope The Hills hookers have no say in casting. Proving that she’s as much of a rocket scientist as she appears on the soap opera reality show, Stephanie Pratt has some ideas of her own for L.C.’s masterpiece. Asked by […]

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OMFG!! Look What Those “The Hills” Morons Make

In other Hills news, the Daily Beast is publishing the purported salaries of the cast. Those goofballs make between $65,000 and $100,000 per episode. Unbelievable. For those not in the know, MTV is renowned for being the cheapest network in showbiz. Hence Room Raiders. Cavallari is being paid $90,000 an episode, which is almost as […]

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The Hills to Get a Little Lonelier, Audrina Fixing To Peace Out

She was a staple who brought little to the The Hills but familiarity, but Audrina Patridge will be missed as she says goodbye after to the reality show. Audrina will stop shooting for the show once the current season is finished. The 24 year-old hopes to move on to legitimate acting, citing acting as the […]

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Heidi Montag Pratt

Heidi Is the New Michael Jackson, Or So Says Spencer

Spencer Pratt keeps talking, and remarkably, I still have hair on my head that I haven’t yanked out from reading the crazy nonsense he says. On The Hills aftershow he told host Jessi Cruickshank, “[Heidi is the] new, modern day, 2010 Michael Jackson.” Cruickshank points out that MJ is dead, and Spencer continues his proclamation […]

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Heidi Montag Realizes Career Is Dead; Talks Plastic Surgery

Failed “singer” and made-of-silicone Hills star, Heidi Montag is opening up about the plastic surgery that had her going from MF fugly to just fugly. Montag, who desperately bares all in the September issue of Playboy, tells readers that not only is her body full of silicone, she’s also a savvy shopper: “When I was […]

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Lauren Conrad on Harsh Realities of The Hills Filming

Suffering in silence for too long, The Hills star Lauren Conrad opens up to Harper’s Bazaar about the hardships she faced filming her reality show. She tells the magazine: “[Filming] affected the underwear I had to buy because I needed thicker underwear with a more sturdy band so it could hold up a microphone” MTV […]

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Kristin Cavallari Has Adorable Delusions of Grandeur

The new star of The Hills Kristin Cavallari was interviewed by the NY Post on her transition from reality TV to films, even though she completely bypassed films and went straight back to reality TV. Whew! That was quick, and relatively painless, thankfully for all of us who have no intention of seeing Van Wilder: […]

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Brody Cause For a Cat Fight!

Apparently Brody Jenner’s hills cast mate and one time maybe/maybe not fling Audrina Patridge said some not so nice things about him in a recent interview, and Brody’s girlfriend heard it! She doesn’t really elaborate, but in a new post on Twitter, Brody’s main squeeze, Jayde Nicole, who he was on/off with when the whole […]

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Hills Bonus Footage!

How epic was the season finale of The Hills last night on MTV?  Probably one of the best episodes to date, (not that it says much about the show) but still, as far as  “unscripted dramas” are concerned it was a top of the line episode! We saw Kristin Cavallari come back for Spencer and […]

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First Look at Kristin Cavallari on The Hills

The Hills minus Lauren Conrad began filming this week, with Kristin Cavallari leading the pack. Kristin joined cast mates Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado and Stephanie Pratt on the set as well as Brody’s girlfriend, Jayde Nicole and a few other stragglers. Back when LC left Laguna Beach for San Fransisco to go to fashion school, […]

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