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BREAKING NEWS! Dean McDermott in ICU After Motorcycle Accident

Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott is recovering from a Tuesday motorcycle accident in a Los Angeles intensive care unit, according to Dean is suffering from a punctured and collapsed lung, but his wife tells the source she’s expecting him to make a full recovery. “He’s taking this as a sign and realizing family is […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Dean McDermott: Law Breaker

We spotted Dean McDermott riding his new toy around town this weekend again, though something was missing this time… No, not Tori, but his helmet! California law requires riders to wear a helmet on motorcycles! Fines for not wearing a helmet can range from $10 and “proof of correction” to $250 and a year of […]

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Tori & Dean to Renew Their Wedding Vows

Problems Shmoblems! Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are going to help deny the rumors that there’s any trouble in their marriage, by renewing their wedding vows. The couple, who has two children, Liam, and Stella will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on Friday. The fifth season of their reality series, Tori & Dean has shown […]

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Tori & Dean Go Their Separate Ways…For the Day

Skin-and-bones, Tori Spelling, was out and about this weekend doing a little shopping for furniture in Brentwood. On the way home, Tori stopped to pick up some wedding and home design magazines at a local news stand. Husband Mean Dean the Machine McDermott also happened to cruise by on his motorcycle as well. Check out […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Shoppin’ Tori Spelling

Ready to face the rumors that there is trouble in her marriage with Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling went on a shopping trip in West Hollywood with her kids Liam, and Stella, this weekend. Spelling was looking shockingly skinnny, and a little out of it, but no doubt her kids make it all worth it. Tori […]

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Tori Spelling; “No Relationship is Perfect.

Tori Spelling is finally speaking out over those rumors that there is a bit of trouble in  home sweet Hollywood. The actress tells Access Hollywood; “We’re a normal married couple and I think it gets heightened when it’s in the press and you’re in the public eye. No relationship is perfect. No marriage is perfect. […]

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Trouble in Home Sweet Hollywood?

Could the reality TV curse be shaking up the marriage of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott? Or could it just be Dean’s love for motorcycles? Life & Style magazine has attained some footage from the upcoming season of Tori and Dean’s reality series Home Sweet Hollywood, and they are reporting that things are tense this […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Tori and Dean and Baby Make Three. Add Other Baby and Assistant and You’ve Got Five

Tori Spelling in the house! Or, if you want to get technical about things, outside of it, taking her two kids to gym class. Starzlife caught the biz princess, her husband Dean McDermott, her two kids, and their kid-carrier in Culver City. Tori and her mother, Candy Spelling, recently reconciled after feuding publicly for years. […]

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Tori Spelling Writing Another Book

Tori Spelling is becoming quite the little writer isn’t she! She’s got two books down, and has just announced a third one in the works.  (Somebody’s gotta pay the bills, right?) As expected, she’s came up with another witty title using her own name for this one as well! It all started with her flopped […]

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Mom And Daughter Candy And Tori: They’re Just Like Us!

Yep, they’re just a regular mother daughter couple who grrrr…. argue a lot. But hey, they make up too! At least, that’s the Pinocchio-concocted tall tale Candy Spelling is spinning to – who else? the tabloids! Says The Mother Of The Year: “We both decided to [communicate] privately, so I know that everyone will respect […]

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