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Justin Bieber Releases Behind The Scenes Look At ‘Boyfriend’

Justin Bieber has released a short two minute behind the scenes look at his new music video for ‘Boyfriend.’ The video shows the young star working with his choreographer Jamaica to come up with the now famous dance moves showcased in the video. The video’s director, X, explains, “The concept of the video is cool. […]

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Video To Premiere On MTV Tonight

The much anticipated release of Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ is to be released tonight on MTV. The single is the first of a more grown up vocal performance from Bieber — mixing high and low melodies, whispers and rap. The song is reportedly about his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and features a Selena look-a-like.  Bieber gave a […]

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Justin Bieber Pens Song About Paternity Scandal

Justin Bieber’s new album is less than two months away from it’s release, so what can you expect from the new album content wise?  Everything!  Bieber has even written a song about the California woman who claimed she was pregnant with Bieber’s baby. The story made headlines las November when Mariah Yeater, a 20-year-old California […]

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ Gets A Release Date

Justin Bieber’s latest album is finished and set for release. Bieber announced this week during an appearance on ‘The Voice’ that the album would be released on June 19th. Bieber took to his twitter page to share the excitement with his fans.  He wrote;  “just finished cutting one of the most important records of my […]

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Justin Bieber Releases ‘Boyfriend’ Single

Justin Bieber released his newest single ‘Boyfriend’ on Sunday night and the Internet nearly exploded. Everybody is talking about the new single, with many comparing it to vintage Justin Timberlake. Not had a chance to check it out on iTunes yet?  Listen to a sample of the single below.

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Snooki’s Man Makes a Rare Appearance

You don’t get to see much of Snooki’s man, Jionni as he’s definitely not one after the fame in this relationship. However Snooks has posted a few more pics of him lately, like this one of them posing by the x-mas tree! “The tree! ♡​ I will marry this man” She even writes that she’s […]

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Photographer Calls Police on Halle Berry’s Boyfriend

A Photographer called the police claiming that french actor and Halle Berry’s boyfriend Olivier Martinez tried to run him over with his car. Olivier, a huge car buff, looked like he was in a great spirits leaving the restuarant right before the incident. The photographer called and described the incident to police but no official […]

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The Power Of Paris: Tween Mind in an Adult Body

Before we talk about how Paris Hilton is starting to look a little bit pregnant, we’d like to acknowledge that she’s been making her boyfriend Cy wear matching outfits with her lately. We’ve always loved Paris’ 12 year-old approach to the world and making your boyfriend color coordinate is really an amazing move.

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Robber Outs Paris’ New Man!

Go figure, Paris Hilton was actually pulling off dating someone without the press knowing, and a pesky knife wielding robber showed up to the house. According to a new report, when Nathan Parada arrived at Paris Hilton’s home on Tuesday morning, after purchasing a star map on Hollywood Blvd, Paris’ new man saw him through […]

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Crystal Bowersox Broke Up With BF on Finale Day

Talk about a potentially crummy 24 hours! On the day of the finale performances, Crystal Bowersox broke up with her boyfriend, Tony. I know, right? During an interview with Seacrest this morning, Crystal told him it was a mutual thing, and nobody’s fault, that her boyfriend just wansn’t up for the lifestyle that was to […]

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