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Kim Kardashian Goes Sexy For Shape Ups

Check out these photos from Kim Kardashian’s racy commercial for Sketchers Shape Ups that aired last night during the Super Bowl. There’s no indication that Kim K can owe any of her shape to the shoes, but it’s a shape we don’t mind seeing on  television. Check out the photos below, and girls out there, […]

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GEICO Car insurance 3 times as expensive. Obviously paying the lizards salary.

We love the commercials for GEICO insurance but the lizard seems to have gotten to be such a celebs and must command a huge salary. We recently called up for insurance for one of our shinny new cars and were so disappointed to find out that it would be three times the cost of regular […]

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Betty White “We’ll Show You How California Rolls”

Betty White is just one of the many celebs teaming up with the California tourism board for a new commercial about the misconceptions of the state. Joining Betty in the 30 second spot is Kim Kardashian,  the Jonas Brothers, Jason Mraz. Check it out below!

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Vitamin Water Goes Vampire For Eclipse

Even The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is getting the Vitamin Water treatment. Check out the new spot for Vitamin Water’s XXX

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Vintage Video of Toy Story 3’s New Guy

Disney/Pixar went all out with the viral marketing for Toy Story 3’s newest character,  Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear. Two vintage,  labeled (circa 1983) commercials for the stuffed animal appear, one from America and one from Japan. They made it look super 80’s and even went as far as adding VCR tracking. Remember how annoying it was to […]

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