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Kim Kardashian & Perfumania Team Up With Donald Trump For ‘The Apprentice’

This Thursday night, November 11 on a brand new episode of ‘The Apprentice,’ Donald Trump will be joined by  Kim Kardashian and Perfumania, America’s largest perfume retailer,  as the contestants on the show compete to develop an ad campaign for Kim’s new perfume line. Kim will be working directly with each team to help develop […]

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Donald Trump “Thinking About” Running For President in 2012

He’s got a tiny bit better of a shot than NYC’s naked cowboy, but Donald Trump doesn’t seriously think he could run for President, does he? According to the business tycoon, he’s “thinking about it.” He tells Fox News; “I’ve had so many people over the years ask me to do that. And for the […]

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Reacquaint Yourself With Your New Old Tonight Show Host

Ten more years! Ten more years! Why stop there?! Why stop there?! Let the man go when he loses his hair: NEVER! Here’s a little clip from the last Jay Leno show. It actually contains a mildly funny gag involving Kanye West and a wildly predictable gag involving Donald Trump. What do you think Donald […]

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Omorosa Snags Her Own Dating Show

A shot at love with Omorosa? Yes and no. The former Celebrity Apprentice contestant is teaming up with Donald Trump for a new reality dating show in which she will try to find herself a man. Though don’t think a Shot of Love here, where the collective intelligence level will be that of a third […]

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Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel; The 2010 (Non) Celebs Apprentice Cast

Forget ‘The America’, how about the Television we deserve Mr Trump? Welfare parents paid good money for their digital converter boxes, and this is the crap they’re getting for their $19? Proving that you really can go one step lower than the D-list, this Celebrity Apprentice season, stars (and we use that word very very […]

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Heidi Ain’t Goin’ To The Grammys; Watch Her Miss Universe Debacle Here

Either she’s bangin’ Donald Trump, or the Miss Universe pageant producers need to be fired. The totally talentless christian “performer” Heidi Montag sunk to a new low Sunday night – when she stunned Miss Universe audiences with a lip-synched rendition of her new “single,” ‘Body Language.’ The Hills “star” also showcased “dance” moves with as […]

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Sister Omarosa Follows Calling, Enters The Lord’s House

And in Oh-No-She-Did-n’t news… Omarosa Manigault Stallworth, villianous star of The Apprentice, and a bunch of other crappy reality shows we can’t remember, is heading to the Lord’s house. Why? Because that’s what you do when you’re talent-free and feebleminded! The 39 year-old star, who is featured in various stages of undress in the Naughty […]

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Silicone Poster Child Miss California Is Going To Sue

A California “beauty” queen just got even uglier. San Diego bigot Carrie Prejean is filing a bitter lawsuit against the Miss California organization. Yep, that includes – specifically – her two enemies, organizers, Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis. Why is the homophobic queen suing? Prejean claims that her name was unnecessarily slandered  and that she […]

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Ivanka Trump’s Upcoming Wedding Probably Won’t be Affected by the Economy

The Emmys weren’t the only announcements made today. Donald Trump‘s daughter Ivanka is getting married, and she Tweeted the news herself. Sorry, all you broke chumps out there hoping to score a sweet payday by hooking up with Trump’s offspring. Some dude named Jared Kushner beat you to it. Ten bucks he changes his name […]

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