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Jessica Simpson’s Wallet Weight: Clothing Line To Do a BILLION in Sales

While everyone’s been sweatin’ Jessica Simpson’s weight, she’s been busy building an empire.  The not-so-dumb blonde has been really smart about her clothing line, continually expanding, taking minimal well advised risks and selling $750 million worth of merchandise this year alone. Woman’s Wear Daily is speculating that Simpson’s clothing line will break 1 Billion in […]

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Jessica Simpson Engaged!!! Coincidence or Competition?

Jessica Simpson is sporty a rock only days after ex-husband Nick Lachey announced his engagement to Venessa Minnillo, coincidence or competition? Lachey and Minnillo have been together for four years and Jessica just started dating her new fiance Eric Johnson, who has also been married once before, this summer. This is either a whirlwind romance […]

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Reason 139389027 to Hate PETA.

PETA recently issued a letter to Jessica Simpson urging her not to perform at Sea World San Diego this weekend. In the letter, PETA rep Michelle Cho says to the singer (who’s career is barely hanging on by the way) “As someone who is used to living in a fishbowl and having the public weigh […]

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You Can’t Fire Jessica Simpson…She Quits!

Jessica Simpson’s rep is trying to spin reports that she’s been dropped by her record label for a flopped country career. It was first suggested last week that she had been dropped by Sony Nashville, and her name had been removed from all of the labels websites and artist lists. While her rep has confirmed […]

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Jessica Simpson Gets Daisy Duked by Record Label.

Nothing has been announced, but some spies in the country music world have noticed a little bit of interesting information regarding Jessica Simpson’s (non)career. Apparently her name has mysteriously been removed from the Columbia Nashville and Sony Music Nashville websites, and even her artist bio has disappeared as well. Could this mean the Nashville labels […]

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Messica Simpson Concert Invaded by Boo Birds Again!

Another day, another disappointment for the music career of Jessica Simpson. While opening for Rascal Flats in Irvine last night, Jessica Simpson flubbed the lyrics to not one but TWO songs!!! This prompted the people who were stuck to watch her so they could have  the closest view for RF to erupt in boos. Jessica […]

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Quote of the Day.

“I don’t know how many of you have followed my career. I hope you don’t just follow what people say about me.” – Jessica Simpson asks the crowd at a concert in Colorado immediatly after asking them if she can get a “yee-haw.”

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Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

After the week Jessica Simpson just had it’s understandable that she have an off day on stage, but unacceptable at the same time! Jessica apparently shocked fans at a concert last night in Grand Rapids, by a performance filled with many blunders that some reported “uncomfortable to watch.” Simpson reportedly forgot the lyrics to a […]

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Jessica Simpson is Winning!!

Jessica Simpson is having the best week ever!  Her recent weight gain speculation has landed her the cover of the big three tabloid magazines! It’s even got the President talkin! On People, they claim she’s proud of her body and to stop calling her fat, and on InTouch they say nearly the same, but it’s […]

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Heidi Klum Defends Jessica Simpson in a Room Full of Pencil Thin Models.

Jessica Simpson is having the worst week ever, but she’s also having the best week ever. No press is bad press as they say, and if her bad press wasn’t enough, she’s got tons of celebs coming to her defense as well. The name Jessica Simpson has probably been typed more this week than it […]

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