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Kim Kardashian’s Team Slams Nude Photo Leak:

Kim Kardashian has come face to face with a new nude photo scandal. A photo was leaked online this week of a brunette, said to be Kardashian, nude in the kitchen cracking eggs into a pan. The photo would appear to have been from many years ago, due to the body not being that of […]

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Nicki Minaj Deletes Twitter Account Over Album Leak

Nicki Minaj has decided to delete her Twitter account after a leaked version of her new album, ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,’ was released online ahead of it’s release. Minaj took to her page to write “Posted leaked music! *deletin twttr*” and  “Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good ****ing bye” just […]

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Nicki Minaj’s New Album Leaks Online

If your count down calendar for the release of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,  was under a week you can do yourself a favor and ditch the rest of the pages, because the album has leaked online. ‘Roman Reloaded’ is due to hit shelves next week,  but it has emerged on illegal file-sharing websites […]

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Madonna’s New Album Leaks A Week Early

Madonna’s new album is set for release just six days from now on March 26th, but a leak has put the whole thing online a week early. “MDNA” became available for download on torrent sites on Monday, even after a plea from Madonna’s manager, Guy O’Seary, asked fans to police the internet to make sure […]

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Madonna Hopes Fans Won’t Download Her New Album Should It Leak

Madonna knows that her new album, M.D.N.A. is going to leak on to the Internet ahead of it’s March release date, but she’s hoping the fans will hold out rather than download it illegally. Good luck with that M! During a pre-taped show with Irish TV host Grahm Norton, Madonna wouldn’t give a firm date […]

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Lindsay Lohan Playboy PHOTOS Leaked Online

The Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos have leaked online! The magazine doesn’t hit news stands until next week, but many sites have began posting 9 photos ahead of schedule. Check em out here while you can.  

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Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Leaked

Her photos won’t leak until her appearance on Ellen or when you pick up the magazine, but Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover has hit the net. And well, she looks pretty good on the cover!  It’ll be interesting to see the inside! Lohan’s “classic Marilyn Monroe” theme will either be hit or miss, but the cover […]

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Jay-Z and Kanye West Release ‘Otis’

A new track from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s upcoming collaboration album ‘Watch The Throne.’ The latest track, ‘Otis’ hit the net, and features a backup track by Otis Redding. The internet is buzzing over the track, and by the sound of it, these boys are 2 for 2. Check out the track below. ‘Watch The […]

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Kanye West Threatening Legal Action Over Leaked Track

Kanye West is fuming mad over the release of a new single that he did not authorize. A song called ‘Mama’s Boy’ hit the net this week, it was a track cut from his latest album, but the rapper insists it’s not the finished track, and he may be pursuing legal action. In a statement […]

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New Britney Spears- A Day Early!!!

Britney Spears has released her single a day early!!! Happy Monday!!! ‘Hold it against me,’ which is set to go on sale tonight at midnight tonight was put on the Internet by Britney herself. Spears tweeted: ‎ “Don’t #HOLDITAGAINSTME for coming out early. I couldn’t wait any longer. Hope you don’t mind….. – Britney” You […]

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