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Lebron James Sixth Most Hated Athlete… See Who’s More Hated

Lebron James scorned an entire city when he left Cleveland Ohio to join the Miami Heat this July. He’s now looked at as some sort of a villain for skipping town , taking less money, and going some place he has a chance to compete. Now he finds himself at #6 on the list of […]

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Back to School With Lebron James

Lucky for LeBron James, his move to Miami didn’t force him to rip his kids out of Ohio schools and away from their friends, because they simply weren’t old enough yet. However, his first born, Lebron James Jr, who goes by “Bronny” will be starting Kindergarten tomorrow. Lebron Tweeted to his fans today that he […]

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Lebron James: You Left Akron, Ohio For This?

There’s no doubt Lebron Jame’s home just outside of Akron, Ohio while he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers was lavish, large, and out of place for the market, but now that he’s moving on to play for the Miami Heat, he’s got to go against some South Beach power players as far as luxury homes […]

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Miami’s Vice

The shit has hit the fan in Cleveland! LeBron James has announced intentions to join the Miami Heat next season. For now, it’s still Wade County, with Dwayne Wade being the son of Miami, but James is known as “King” It’s going to be interesting.

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Lebron James: The Decision

If this isn’t the biggest news story out there, I don’t know what is. Speculation of what city LeBron James will go to when he makes his announcement tonight at 9pm EST on ESPN during a one hour special, is growing. “The Decision” has brought forward some interesting theories for each city in the running, […]

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LeBron James to Make Big Decision On Prime Time Special

Sort of fit for a King, right? Lebron James is set to make the biggest decision of his career so far tomorrow, at 9pm EST on ESPN during a one hour prime time special. Being the last big Free Agent on the market, it’s almost as if it’s come down to staying in Cleveland, and […]

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NBA Free Agency Turning into the Celebs Gossip of Sports

In the celeb crazed world we live in, sometimes you have to stop and remember that athletes are some of the biggest celebs on the planet, as their fame is reached out all over the world almost always. Starting yesterday, the biggest free agency class in NBA history kicked off, with the big three being […]

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Diddy Has Got an Offer for Lebron James

July 1 is approaching quick, and LeBron James is going to have some decisions to make on that day. Stay in Cleveland and play for the Cavaliers, or head elsewhere in the pursuit of an NBA title. New York City is a top contender, and it’s going to come with some perks! Diddy has sent […]

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King James Reigns, Lebron Picks Up 2nd Straight MVP.

If anyone in the sports world is living the ‘Starz Life’ it’s this guy right here, Lebron James! Reports have surfaced that Lebron will be named the NBA’s  most valuable player  for the second straight season this coming Sunday. James reportedly won the vote by a landslide receiving 109 of the 121 first place votes […]

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