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Paris Hilton: Addicted to Love and Lemonade

Paris Hilton while out and about shooting her new show, popped in to one of her usual spots to grab a lemonade. Her new reality show for Oxygen, unlike her former more orchestrated theme driven shows, is supposedly a real look inside her life. What we know about the heiress for sure is that she’s […]

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Couple Alert: Hilary Novelle and Alex Lobel together.

Picture by http://mylocationscouts.com/ Super sexy Hilary Novelle, lead singer of John Legends band “Dance Recital” is dating Roxy Olin’s ex Alex Lobel. The couple were seen snuggling up at Mohamed Hadids birthday party a couple of weeks ago a source exclusively tells Starzlife. You can check out some music from Hilary hear Dance Recital . […]

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What Has Love Done to Russell Brand

We never would have thought a woman could tie down serial dater, Russell Brand, but with it being Katy Perry we understand how. “Eventually, I think you find a spiritual and emotional connection with someone, and I think it unifies you with everyone else,” Russell tells British television show ‘Loose Women,’ adding; “I think if […]

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift in love?

Jake Gyllenhaal who was recently broken up with by Reese Reesespoon for reportedly smoking too much pot and America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift? This sounds like an unlikely couple but according to reports they are dating, Jake likes the country gals it seems and a new young one. Are they a good match? Gylenhaal  popular hunky movie […]

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Slash and Perla Ferrar Hudson happy and in love again!!

Slash and Perla Ferrar are back together again!! Coming home to LA after a romantic time in Hawaii these two crazy kids seem to have worked it out and are definitely together, they could hardly keep their hands off each other. When the shocking news first broke that Slash and Perla Ferrar were filing for divorce your heart […]

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Paris & Cy Serious Contenders for Cutest Couple

It was a rocky start but Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits look happier than ever. Not only is it written all over their faces but Hilton’s glee is written all over her wardrobe. The two stepped out to pick up a bite and took their cute coupledom to the next level by feeding each […]

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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez riding a hog in the Rain.

Halle Berry was all smiles leaving the ‘Hair Studio’chatting to some friendly West Hollywood Sheriffs while Olivier Martinez waited on a Harley Davidson to pick her up in the rain. These two want to show the whole world how much they are in love it seems. We are looking forward to see the on  screen […]

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Justin Timberlake’s monster came out.

Timberlake is one of the few Disney stars that didn’t go bat sh*t crazy growing up in Hollywood unlike his former love Britney Spears. We loved him in N’Sync, Justin was so cute and full of life and as he grew into a man his solo singing career took off in a monstrous way. Timberlake’s […]

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Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry in love? or good PR for Dark Tide?

Is it really true that Halle Berry and her new inseparable boyfriend Olivier Martinez are really together? or is it just some PR stunt drummed up for the  movie Dark Tide? We would definitely say they are in love, they barely leave each others side and Olivier is staying the nights over. They are moving quickly […]

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Taylor Swift really has moved on from Taylor Lautner, tricked into being filmed on a secret date by MTV.

20 year old Taylor Swift talked about her date with Duncan Penn and revealed a hidden camera had captured all, she told MTV; “I had absolutely no idea that that stuff was filmed, so there was this realization when I got an e-mail from my manager. And he was like, ‘Hey, can you approve this? […]

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