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Paris Starts Hollywood Brawl!

Paris Hilton took her new made-for-tv BFF Brittany Flickinger out to Bar Deluxe in Hollywood last night for a little BFF time, but I bet Brittany had no idea what she’d cause later on that night. Upon leaving the club out the back door, P&B were met by a bunch more of their other BFF’s, […]

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Pairs Wants to be a Ferry.

Page Six is reporting that Paris Hilton is lobbying to play Tinkerbell in a new Disney live action movie that would be based around Peter Pan’s ferry friend. Julia Roberts is probably rolling on the floor laughing as we speak! Apparently Disney is actually considering the job too after noticing that Paris’ acting has been […]

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Text Your BFF Paris.

Paris Hilton wants to be able to keep up with all of her BFF’s at home while she’s in London filming her UK version of BFF, so she’s set up a way for ya’ll to text her and posted it in a blog on her Myspace page.  Here’s what P had to say; Text me! […]

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Paris Says No to Chicago, Going to the White House instead.

Paris Hilton has turned down a role in the West End production of Chicago, MTV is reporting.

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Going to be in Vegas tonight?

Paris Hilton will be launching her line of shoes this evening by hosting a party at Pure Nightclub inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  Check out the flyer for the event after this.

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Is Ronaldo writing his own press in the USA?

Christiano Ronaldo came to the US for a vacation, and has managed to become the tabloids ultimate ladies man this weekend.  Though the absurd stories are ending up false, you have to wonder if it’s one of his associates who are leaking the stories.

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Paris is “smokin” before a workout.

Paris Hilton’s driver (who’s name wasn’t Benji for once) arrived at a gym in Hollywood Monday afternoon to work out with a personal trainer and Starzlife has the EXCLUSIVE!! photos of the heiress taking the last few puffs of her smoke and then having a laugh on her way into the facility. Check out these […]

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Paris causes UK Army lawsuit

Sticks and stones (or guns and bombs in this case) can break his bones but names just make him cry. British soldier Kerry Hylton is suing the UK Army because he is embarrassed by the nickname; Paris, given to him by his fellow troops.

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Paris and Benji: in love and glowin’!

Yes y’all, Paris Hilton is a’ g-l-o-w-i-n-g, and this time it ain’t ‘cuz of her fake tan! Starzlife.com recently caught up with the Paris and beau, Benji Madden, as they shopped for groceries at a high-end supermarket in Beverly Hills. And, our favorite socialite-gone-music enthusiast has never looked prettier or happier! Girl couldn’t stop smiling […]

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P.Hilton: Music Expert.

The ever-changing music groupie guru, Paris Hilton, was recently asked by members of Starzlife.com as to which one of the Stones’ classic songs was her all-time favorite and why.

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