P.Hilton: Music Expert.


The ever-changing music groupie guru, Paris Hilton, was recently asked by members of Starzlife.com as to which one of the Stones’ classic songs was her all-time favorite and why.

And, in what can only be considered a classic Hilton move, this little princess got disoriented, and went Cash-Cab/jailbird berserk on us, actually asking Starzlife.com to allow her the use of her “one phone call” (of course, we were only too happy to oblige)!


Paris Hilton then proceeded to call each and every one of her smartest most respectable pals, in hopes of consulting the important question…

042108_sl_hilton05.JPG 042108_sl_hilton07.JPG042108_sl_hilton12.JPG042108_sl_hilton14.JPG042108_sl_hilton02.JPG042108_sl_hilton16.JPG042108_sl_hilton11.JPG042108_sl_hilton17.JPG

Hey bi*ch! Which is my favorite classic stoner song?!


And, after what seemed like an eternity, sweet Paris flashed us small smile of relief, and, being the well- rounded, well-defined (not to mention well-accompanied) individual that she is, Paris Hilton confidently answered Starzlife‘s question:

Ooh! I know!  It’s CHAMA-chameleon!


Yaaay Paris!

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2 Responses to P.Hilton: Music Expert.

  1. April 21, 2008 at 11:37 pm #

    shes such a cartoon. two different shirts in like 1 hour. I love this by the way.

  2. April 24, 2008 at 7:49 am #

    jajajajajajaj Poor Paris….
    So much papparazos , so little time….

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