She is human!

042108_sl_kardashian01.JPGNot since her DVD do i believe the world has seen Kim Kardashian with little or no makeup at all. But yesterday saw the reality star out and about in Beverly Hills sporting a very natural look. 042108_sl_kardashian08.JPGKim Stopped by an ATM to take out some money and made sure that someone got a shot of her money maker. Usually when I go to the ATM and have to wait in line behind two people taking their time and chit-chatting, it makes me angry. Put me in line behind Kim at the ATM and I’ve got all day!042108_sl_kardashian03.JPGKim also helped out a man in a wheelchair by giving him a push. Not like a “get out of my way old man, push” but a “here let me give you a push, push” Now that Paris Hilton called her a cottage cheese ass, she’s competing with her for humanitarian of the year award.042108_sl_kardashian12.JPGAnd for the heck of it… Here’s the picture most girls wouldn’t want posted on the internet. Kim is no stranger to this face tho… Remember this picture from last week??main-19.jpg

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One Response to She is human!

  1. April 23, 2008 at 7:37 am #

    jajaja! OMG!!! jajaja!! With alll that padding, its obvious this woman will always be spared any and all pain in the ass! JA! I applaud her for just squeezing into those pants! I mean, after 16 hours of hopping about; & lying on yo’ bed, legs frantically flapping in the air, would ANYONE take the time to put on a mask?! ….IM JUST LOVING THESE STARZLIFE PICS!! Plus, the writers are pretty GENIUS too 😉

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