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Regis Philbin to Reunite With Kathie Lee Gifford On ‘Today?’

Could Regis Philbin be reuniting with Kathie Lee Gifford on The Today Show? Rumors are swirling that the former co-hosts from “Live” may reunite in an effort to distract viewers from other drama happening behind the scenes at the popular morning show. Philbin has expressed desire to return to TV, and joined Gifford for a […]

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Regis Philbin Signs Off After 28 Years On ‘Live’

After 28 years of “Live,” we bid farewell to Regis Philbin! Regis appeared on his final show this morning, alongside co-host Kelly Ripa, and a sleu of celebrity guests in attendance, including : Diane Sawyer, Donald Trump, Tony Danza  as well as Philbin’s wife, Joy, and his daughters. Oh, and Kathy Lee Gifford, with whom […]

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Regis Philbin Announces Retirement From ‘Live’

Today on ‘Live With Regis and Kelly,’ Regis Philbin announced that he would be retiring from the show this year. According to a source, his co-host Kelly Ripa was blindsided by his announcement, finding out during the show with the rest of the world. So who will replace Philbin on the show?  The possibilities are […]

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Reege Has A New Hip!

This just in from the Wow.It’s.A.Slow.News.Day. department: Sources confirm that television’s hardest working dinosaur (besides Larry King) – Regis Philbin (107), has successfully completed hip surgery. Confirms Regis’ rep: “Everything went perfectly this morning during Regis’ hip replacement surgery, and his doctor said that Regis couldn’t be in better shape.” We couldn’t be more elated. […]

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Regis Kel

Regis and Kelly +8

Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa opened their show up as Jon & Kate Gosselin this morning as they traditionally are famous for dressing up for their all reality Halloween show. Jon and Kate is sure to be one of the most popular couples costumes out and about this year, and I bet toy stores are […]

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Oprah Makes a Lot of Money, Part 389: Tops Best-Paid Talk Show Hosts

Forbes has released its annual list of the the ten highest-paid talk show hosts on television. Number 1 was, duh, Oprah. Of the $568 million banked by the combined top ten, almost half came ($275 million) came from Oprah. Even other people on the list, like Dr. Phil (#2 with $80 million) and Rachel Ray […]

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Patricia Heaton Is Not The Smartest Cookie On Earth

In fact, Patricia Heaton might be the dumbest Republican in Hollywood. The preachy pro-lifer who gave a nauseating shout-out to “Middle Americans” – despite the fact that the hypocrite lives in Beverly Hills and has spent a small world fortune on plastic surgery – appeared on Regis Philbin’s flailing game show ‘Celebrity Millionaire’ last night […]

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No Freebies For Regis Philbin!

Pharmaceutical billionaire Stewart Rahr was surprised in his office with a visit today by Regis Philbin and his wife, Joy. Regis took a tour of Stewart’s factory and loaded up on some of Rahr’s goods such as shaving cream, cosmetics, and cologne, but Rahr refused payment from Philbin, who insisted on paying for what he […]

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