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John Travolta’s Gotti Film Still On Track

Despite all of the press he’s been getting in recent weeks, the show must go on for John Travolta’s ‘Gotti’ film. The executive producer of Travolta’s upcoming mob movie centered around the ¬†Gotti family has dismissed reports production on the movie has been shut down due to Travolta’s pending personal saga. JT will play the […]

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The Mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret Son Threatened To Come Forward

You knew something had to have happened for Arnold Schwarzenegger to come forward with news of the secret child he fathered with a household staffer more than ten years after it happened, and it turns out it was better him than her. Schwarzenegger admitted the news to his wife, which probably resulted in their split, […]

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Kat Dennings Nude Photos Hit the Web Too!

It must be national nude photo leak day or something! Earlier this morning it was Jessica Alba and now Kat Dennings is the latest celeb to find some topless photos of herself on the net. You probably know her best from The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. We’re not sure […]

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Brett Favre Makes Tiger Look Like a Kitty?

It’s shocking/not shocking at the same time, but according to a source close to Kikster.com, Brett Favre has a black book of mistresses that would make Tiger Woods look like a model husband! A high profile celebs attorney told the source: “I have been approached by numerous females claiming that they have had affairs with […]

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Is Brett Favre the New Tiger?

Tiger Woods has got some weight off his shoulders finally. Another sports hero, Brett Favre, is now facing two more girls about to come forward with lewd text from the Vikings QB. Both women are also on the Jets staff, and claim that Favre sent them “harassing” text messages but still deciding whether or not […]

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Sandra Speaks

She’s been extremely quiet over the whole situation with Jesse James and his string of mistresses, but now something has got Sandra Bullock talkin’. A report claiming that a sex tape between her and James exists has her releasing the following statement; “There is no sex tape.¬† There never has been one and there never […]

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Joel Madden’s Afternoon Delight…. At Jessica Alba’s?

If only it were as scandalous as it could be!! We spotted Joel Madden leaving Jessica Alba’s Hollywood home yesterday afternoon after paying a visit to his friend, Cash Warren. By the look on Joel’s face, he was thinking about what he thought we were probably thinking, but sorry Joel, even we know that if […]

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Vanessa Hudgens Has Had Enough of You Kids

You tell me this isn’t the type of girl who lives and breathes for a nude photo scandal? Vanessa Hudgens latest film BandSlam hits theaters today, and though it’s success is going to be strictly because of a New Moon promo that is playing after the film, but no biggie to V Hudge, she’s ready […]

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