Is She Trying to Get Her Wedding Moved to Another Location?

In the latest issue of US Magaznie with Fergie’s wedding on the cover, former girl next door Kendra Wilkinson is “telling all” about her “bizarre life with Hef” inside the mansion.

For someone who is supposed to be having a free fairytail wedding at the Playboy Mansion, likely paid for by Hefner himself, you’d think she’d not want to be dishing out any deep dark secrets, right?

According to Wilkinson, the girlfriends are on a short leash.  Any time they leave or come back to the mansion, they have to check in and get their times written down in a book that Hef reviews each morning.

Also, she claims for the most part she only saw Hugh about once a day, just to say hey how are ya, aside from the nights they’d all go out together, but there was never any single alone dates.

Kendra did admit she got intimate with Hef here and there, but adds that she “had to have sex every now and then, so I had to kind of sneak it.”

Yes, that contitutes cheating, though she says the other house bunnies, Bridgette and Holly remained faithful the entire time they all lived there.

Kendra tells the mag living in the mansion was “way more strict than my life has ever been,” and some of the house rules included not going anywhere for the holidays, and not having any type of job besides appearance fees.  Hefner would give them $1,000 a week allowence, but they couldn’t earn money on their own.

She explains, “I hate putting my hand out, but we couldn’t have jobs other than getting appearance fees. Hef was kind of like my best friend, but a sugar daddy at the same time … Hef made me feel beautiful. Now I’m totally against [Hefner’s] way of life, with three girlfriends and all of that.”

Yikes, hopefully Hef doesn’t pick up an US Weekly before June.

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