Be still my heart.

“Last night I saw you in my dreams. Now I can’t wait to go to sleep.” -Kanye West.“I can’t believe I’ve won five awards!” -Amy Winehouse. And with that, I cried. The 50th annual Grammy Awards took place last night with no lack of talent, emotion, excitement, beauty, fashion, and all the additional miscellaneous additives associated with these types of events.  In fact, after a stressful year of fallen stars and disillusions, it seems that this year was somehow extra special for all of us.  Amy Winehouse rocked the house, and, with her 5 awards earned, there is no doubt she also got a much needed and deserved push of encouragement to continue in her path to recovery and mending of her self esteem.  And as for the spectators, we received a much needed wake-up call regarding the emotions of all those celebs we tend to so de-humanize for our own pleasure and economic gain.I’m sure there was not a dry eye in the house, or even in the homes of all of us watching, when Amy Winehouse hugged her mama long and hard, or when she accepted her awards in a state of shock, looking much like the little girl that she actually is. And, furthermore, quite a few people sobbed quietly to themselves as Kanye West shared with us his pain of loss, but also his unbelievably wise strength, surely resulting from the depths of a loving connection that can only be understood by those who have lived it themselves. Some people like to tell us that “we are never alone,” but its at moments like these that we can actually feel it.Being the sappy crybaby I am, I know that I probably read much more into the events of last night than most people. So, I will just say this to all those who are chuckling at my “girly” or “lame” words: I wish for you, that you come across these feelings of (minimal) awareness, in whatever package is best suited to stir your own thoughts. That is how we’ll stay somewhat human, and that is how we will find some limits beyond those boundaries we will undoubtedly continue to overstep.Confused? I know I tend to ramble. Just know that I’m just wishing y’all some really cool stuff!

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