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Aretha Franklin, you’ve gotta give it to receive it!

And adding to our list of pouting divas after Sunday’s Grammy Awards… Although there was actually an entire pre-grammy charity event hosted in honor of Aretha Frankin as MusiCares’ Woman of the Year, as “a national treasure”, and as “The Queen”, this sister is still not feeling the r-e-s-p-e-c-t!  Oh, for the love of soul, […]

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Celebs Quote

“I’m going on record as an artist who is able to critique [Amy Winehouse]. I think she has a great talent, but I don’t agree with the Grammys giving her those nods. I think it sends the wrong message, that even in the midst of her stupor of drugs she can get nominated for all […]

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Be still my heart.

“Last night I saw you in my dreams. Now I can’t wait to go to sleep.” -Kanye West.“I can’t believe I’ve won five awards!” -Amy Winehouse. And with that, I cried. The 50th annual Grammy Awards took place last night with no lack of talent, emotion, excitement, beauty, fashion, and all the additional miscellaneous additives […]

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Amy can now make it to the U.S.

but SHE said, “NO! NO!! NO!!! Well, officials at the U.S. embassy in London and U.S. officials were bribed convinced by Amy Winehouse’s reps that she actually is worthy of entering the U.S. in order to perform at the Grammys. However, either she actually has grown up some after her stint at rehab, or she […]

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