Starzlife weekend round up

Heres what’s been shaking up headlines this weekend.  

  • Actress Sandra Bullock and her husband were involved in a head on automobile accident near Boston on Friday night. The driver in the vehicle who caused the crash was under the influence of alcohol and charged with a DUI. Thankfully, nobody involved was injured.
  • People Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears is all set to reprise her role for one more episode of How I met your mother.  Reps for CBS or Fox Studios have yet to comment, but if it happens, there’s a good chance Doogie Houser isn’t going to be very happy
  • Madonna, who’s newest album is set to drop in a couple weeks and current single 4 Minutes featuring Justin Timberlake is blazing up the charts, has hooked a deal with Dubai to perform a concert for a measly 25 million dollar paycheck. As if the material girl needs that kinda money.
  • Lindsay Lohan did an interview with OK! where she talked about the $1,000 dollar a day allowance she’s been put on. Only 1,000??? How is she going to afford all that Joans being only allowed to spend $365,000 dollars per year?
  • Amy Winehouse was caught on video doing drugs again.  The bright side of this is that she wasn’t smoking crack this time, but honestly the ‘rehab’ singer doesn’t give a damn if she was lighting up some marijuana in public
  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are pitching MTV a version of the Hills based on the road to their wedding, a show that would be totally free of narration by nemesis Lauren Conrad.  This would mark the 4th installment of a Laguna Beach spawn, and promises to be full of douche-baggery.

Keep checking back with this week and I may just have some big news to drop if everything goes okay…

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