Benji’s ‘material’ girl

32.JPGTheres been tons of Hilton/Madden wedding talk going on as of late, but check out this secret you may not have known about this new couple.In an interview with E! networks, Benji Madden recently called girlfriend Paris Hilton “wife material”.  Says Madden;“I always knew that she was, like, wife material, or serious girlfriend material,” That lead to the question about an engagement this year, in which madden responded;“I’m not going to bet against you on that, I’m very very happy right now.” Also adding that the couple was “In love before they were ever seen together.” As for children, this Madden is getting a head start by babysitting his niece, Harlow Winter Kate Madden, daughter of brother Joel and Nicole Richie.Benji was also asked how often he babysits the littlest Madden,  He says;“I babysit all the time. I love babysitting and I’m learning everything. I can change diapers now… One of Harlow’s favorite songs is one of the songs on our record, so when I rock her to sleep, I’ll sing it to her.”Even though the joint wedding is out of the question… looks like its going to be a heck of a year for the Hilton/Richie/Madden clan.

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