Just in the nick of time.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s organic restaurant idea will probably save Hollywood from countless surgeries and nasty press pics!


Not even Hollywood can escape the effects of chemical meals pollution, multi-tasking, and the instant-gratification lifestyle of today! What would we ever do without rock-hard, organic Jakie-poo?!

At a time where cellulite is flaunted, and 22 year old celebrities tend look like soft-jelly sh*t until about a week before a big event; a time where it’s perfectly acceptable for makers of “miracle” plastic-dinner diet plans to deny any and all responsibility in terms of any (expected) lack of long-term success; I’d say 27 year old Jake Gyllenhaal has come to save the day!

Hopefully, the upcoming opening of Gyllenhaal’s new, high-end organic restaurant idea will eventually influence other LA restaurants and encourage the busy-bodied (yet lazy), multi-tasking, fast food-loving, surgery-addicted young Hollywood of today to eat healthier and to start taking better care of their insides! After all, eating a little healthier not only makes you (and your skin) look and feel so much better; it can even bring about a “smile” upon the saddest of souls!

As reported by The Digital Spy:

Friends claim that Gyllenhaal, who has appeared on Mario Batali’s US cookery show Molto Mario, has always vowed to open a restaurant before he turns 30. A source told Life&Style: “Cooking is [Jake’s] big hobby and his passion.”

The actor is said to be planning a cycling holiday in Tuscany with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon to help develop ideas for the menu…

Let’s just hope the “cycling in Tuscany” part was just a cliché media exaggeration, ‘cuz if not, I’d actually be a tad worried. But that’s just me… Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal, at an LA cafe, where Starzlife.com recently caught up with the actor, as he stressed the importance of proper alimentation:


Eat right, y’all!



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