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‘Hop’ Takes Weekend Box Office

‘Hop’ has jumped it’s way into the top spot at this weekend’s box office! The animated film, which stars James Marsden brought in $38.1 million dollars this weekend, matching Johnny Depp’s ‘Rango’ as the highest opening this year. The movie also stars voice work by comedian Russell Brand. Jake Gyllenhaal’s new film, ‘The Source Code,’ […]

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Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Break Up

December is NOT Taylor Swift’s month. On her new album, she has a song called ‘Back to December,’ which is allegedly about her breakup with Taylor Lautner in December of 2009. But this December, she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal.  So we thought. Rumor has it that the pair split last month.   A source tells People […]

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Jake Gyellhaal & Taylor Swift Coming Out Party on Us Weekly

If anything confirmed Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift’s new romance, it’s this photo! It seems almost un-real how much fun they seem to be having! We like this couple though.  So congrats on your coming out party, guys!    Jaylor?

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Ellen DeGeneres Talks Jake Gyllenhaal /John Mayer With Taylor Swift

We love that Ellen DeGeneres is not afraid to go there! Taylor Swift, who is certainly headed to a number one release week was on the Ellen show Friday and was hit with a couple tough questions. The first, was about love, and her rumored relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. Ellen asked Taylor if she was […]

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift in love?

Jake Gyllenhaal who was recently broken up with by Reese Reesespoon for reportedly smoking too much pot and America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift? This sounds like an unlikely couple but according to reports they are dating, Jake likes the country gals it seems and a new young one. Are they a good match? Gylenhaal  popular hunky movie […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Jake Gyllenhaal: Street Meat

EXCLUSIVE!!! Jake Gyllenhaal is either taking full advantage of his time off (i.e. letting himself go) or researching a homeless roll. The bearded, dirty shirt wearing actor grabbed some street meat on his way in to a birthday party with his sister Maggie and niece Ramona downtown.

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The “Real Story” Behind Gyllenhaal and Witherspoon’s Split

If you were losing sleep about the real story behind Rhys Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal‘s split, don’t fear. US magazine has the juicy details about why the A list stars decided to call it kaput. Apparently, the Type A starlet (her production company is called “Type A” after her supposed control issues) just wasn’t ready […]

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Just in the nick of time.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s organic restaurant idea will probably save Hollywood from countless surgeries and nasty press pics! Not even Hollywood can escape the effects of chemical meals pollution, multi-tasking, and the instant-gratification lifestyle of today! What would we ever do without rock-hard, organic Jakie-poo?!

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Jake Gyllenhaal is off the crutches!

Missing em’ already?! We spotted Jake Gyllenhaal heavily pouting as he left the doctor’s office yesterday afternoon, all alone in the world, sans Reese and sans crutches!  Maybe he’s sad ‘cuz he’s worried about losing all the attention he got while in his disabled state…

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