A 22 year old New York college student is claiming that Lindsay Lohan stole her $11,000 mink coat! The girl, who’s name is Masha Markova recieved the coat as a gift from her grandmother and thought she had lost it when it came time to leave a birthday party at an NY club where she had been seated next to Lohan the entire night.

Only until two weeks later until she was flipping through a tabloid and saw a picture of Lindsay wearing her jacket! OH NO SHE DIDNT!

Markova then started searching the blogs to find more pictures of Lohan wearing the coat.

Long story short; her lawyers contacted Lindsays, Lindsays people returned the coat which happened to stink of booze, cigarettes, and had a small tear in the lining, and now Markova is asking for Lindsay’s camp to pay $10,000 for the three weeks they had the coat.

oh the lives of rich people.

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