A million here a million there..

The second single off Lil’ Wayne’s album, Tha Carter III, released right before the album dropped was coincidentally titled ‘a milli’ which ended up being a foreshadow to how the record would do in it’s first week alone!

Not since 2005’s  Massacre by 50 cent has a record broken a million in sales in it’s first week, but Lil’ Wayne has taken the crown away from 50 with his newest album, Tha Carter III, which had officially broken the million mark when the numbers came in on Tuesday.

Wayne’s previous album, cleverly titled, you guessed it…Tha Carter II, sold only 238,000 in it’s first week in 2005.  Fans have been anticipating the third installment for the past three years, and it seems time has paid off for Weezy.

Something you may not have seen coming…Tha Carter III outsold both long anticipated return albums of Madonna (280,000) and Mariah Carey (400,000) combined.  Oh, and Wayne’s album leaked ahead of the release date, as did the others.

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