How to sell more albums!

One way to make sure your album sells even more than it’s supposed to, is to keep yourself in the news before it comes out.

There’s no doubt Miley Cyrus’ new album, Breakout, is going to fly off the shelves on July 22, but in order to be sure that she leaves fans moping out of the record stores empty handed due to even more sales, she has to keep her name in the news.

This week Ms. Miley is sparking rumors that she is dating her new Hannah Montana co-star, Lucas Till.   Till was hand picked by Miley to play her on screen love interest in the Hannah Montana movie, which will be released in 2009, but in good old Disney fashion, an off screen love interest was the result.

There’s been a Miley’s new boyfriend rumor pretty much every week since she became a star, but they usually follow with a myspace photo scandal, or some kind of un-disney behavior, but this time the story is more G rated, the kind of story that makes moms of little girls across the country scream “finally!”

Who knows really, but Breakout hits stores on July 22, and no press is bad press!

And because it never gets old….


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