The Old Disney Ball and Chain.

Zac Efron might have just got himself into uncharted waters known as  High School Musical 4 and beyond.

Zac reportedly is about to sign a deal for 10 million that would place him along side Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribbean 4 and Zac would ultimately become the heir to the Pirates throne when Johnny Depp steps aside.

Mom’s and daughters will be swooning at the theater together for once!

Reportedly it was Zac they sought after solely for Pirates 4, but after some careful consideration, they realized they couldn’t do it without Depp, which is probably what caused the $55 million dollar pay day he is earning for the film.

The only thing bad for Efron becoming the next Jack Sparrow, is he’s going to be hanging around Disney for a while, which means they’ll probably be able to twist his arm to somewhat reprise his role as Troy Bolton in further HSM movies.

Might be worth it to take a walk in Johnny Depp’s pirate boots.

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