Kardashian’s Blog Back.

Courtney Love wrote some sort of attempt at a blog on Christmas eve to tell a story about Robert Kardashian hitting one of her employees in the nose at a Hollywood nightclub back in September and calling him some hurtful names.

At least thats the small bit of info that I could get out of it.  I don’t speak anialated.

Now that Christmas is over, the Kardashians are firing back.  Kim posted to her blog on Christmas day saying that Love’s accusations were completely false and untrue. Oh, and she titled it Courtney Love, Christmas Grinch.”

Here’s what Kim had to say.

Courtney Love wrote a disturbing blog this morning that is obviously very untrue…

Ms. Love immaturely called my brother Rob names and accused him of physically assaulting her “employee” at Hyde nightclub, breaking his nose.


A lot of what she wrote doesn’t even make much sense and doesn’t follow a clear train of thought… At one point  she says Brody was there too and that someone yelled discriminatory expletives against gay people, but I honestly can’t figure out who she is accusing because her writing is so bad.

All I know is that both Brody and Rob didn’t do anything close to what Ms. Love has described.

My entire family’s response is this: We are so saddened to hear that someone is blogging this insanity on Christmas Eve. Everything this person writes is obviously untrue and we will forward this terrible nonsense to our attorneys. Merry Christmas!

What an odd pairing to be starting internet drama… Stay tuned!

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