Ryan Seacrest is used to high fiving every contestant who comes out of the judges room with a golden ticket on American Idol, but apparently he’s not used to many of them being blind!

American Idol returned last night and featured an audition by a guy named Scott Macintyre.  Scott is Idol’s first blind contestant, and was also one of the nights top performers!

The judges welcomed Scott to Hollywood, and as he exited the audition room, gave a few hugs to the fam, and was turned back around to talk to Seacrest, Ryan did the ultimate uh-oh.

In the clip below you’ll see Ryan raise his hand up for the high five, make an “oh shit” face when he realizes what he does, try to smoothly bring his hand back down until he realizes he’s not getting away with this one and calls himself out.

Surely to be shown on everything for the rest of the entire season.

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