Celebs React to Heidi Montag’s Surgeries


Like all of us, other celebs are responding to Heidi Montag’s 10 procedures in one day.

The worlds first Supermodel, Janice Dickinson, actually defended Montag to Radaronline.com for being criticized about having 10 surgeries in a day, praising her doctor and explaining that some of those things shouldn’t even be considered as plastic surgery, but she also had this to say about Heidi’s decision to go through with it all.

“I think the surgery aged her actually,” adding, “She looked younger without it, and she looked more attractive.”But it’s her choice. She can afford to look however she wants, and have whatever she wants done to her face and body. It’s her choice. She could even get an Avatar tail grafted onto her if she chose to, it’s nobody’s business but hers.”

Other celebs weren’t so nice, like Samantha Ronson, who updated the following to her Twitter page;

STILL can’t get over heidi’s surgery- i know we all turn into our mothers eventually- but all in 1 day? maybe her husband has mommy issues?

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