What Should These Stars Give Up for Lent


Giving something up for lent is almost as trendy as new years resolutions.   Facebook feeds and Twitter feeds flood with people announcing that they will be ditching diet coke, or McDonalds for 40 whole days.  Maybe it’s no smoking or drinking.   Either way, we are going to let you know what your favorite celebs should be giving up for lent this year!

Spencer Pratt: Spencer should give up the new act.  He used to be “the villain” but then his wife, Heidi Montag showed him the light.   Even then he was at least entertaining.  Now he only shows up on Twitter to post ramblings like these; “beautiful Venus & bountiful Jupiter benefics as these two fortunate planets align, we are blessed with potential pleasure, love and riches.” We want the old Spencer back!  Even if it’s just for 40 days!

Britney Spears: We could go with the obvious, Starbucks.  But we won’t.  How bout not doing her hair.  If she gave up not doing her hair for 40 days, She might shape up that rats nest a little bit.   She’s rumored to be doing a $1million+ dollar renovation and remodel of her Calabasas home, so why not put a few bones into a new weave, and some upkeep.

Kirstie Alley: Everything!!! Whatever she’s doing, or about to do.  Just crawl in a (big) hole for 40 days.   Also maybe stay for another 40 for good measure.

Miley Cyrus: Besides maybe giving up carrying that dog everywhere she goes, she shouldn’t give up anything.  She pretty much runs this town, and she definitely runs the Cyrus household, so she should just stick to telling other people what they should give up.  Like telling Billy Ray he should give up that flavor savor on his face!

Kim Kardashian: Reggie Bush.  So what if he’s got a Superbowl ring.  I rang in 2010 just a little over a month ago.  Ring/Rang it’s all the same.   It’s just not fair he gets a season pass to her amusement park while we just sit at home and look at the brochure on the internet.   If she’s not going to give up Reggie, then how about… pants?

Heidi Montag: It’s too late to say plastic surgery (or is it?)  so we’re going to say  singing!  658 albums in the first week should be the first indication that you’ve picked the wrong business.  Especially when 329 of those were probably sold to Spencer.

Tila Tequila: The act.   Tila Tequila needs to give up the act.   She’s sad about her “fiance’s” death, so she grieves on the internet to promote her new gossip site.   She’s sad about her baby-daddy drama, so she takes it to the internet.  She’s worried about a miscarriage, so she threatens suicide to promote her adopting children from Russia.   Fame whore is too polite of a word to use here for this one.

What other celebs can you think of that need to give something up?  Leave us your answers in the comments below.


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