Happy Birthday to Ke$ha, Or JFK, or Whoever You Really Are…


Ke$ha turns 23 today!  So we’re going to celebrate her birthday by brushing our teeth with a bottle of Jack, feeling like P. Diddy, and getting crunk, crunk with er’body.

The always outspoken pop star revealed some interesting information recently, when she made a claim that she was the former president John F. Kennedy in a past life.

She explains; “I went to past-life regression therapy and I’m pretty sure I was JFK (John F. Kennedy). He said I was a really successful American man who was assassinated. So who else could it be?”

As for what she wanted for her birthday, and I do hope someone got her this, she tweets: “PS. ITS MY MO FUCKING BIRTH DAY. i want a baby whale with a lasso and an eyepatch. kk. and peace on earth n shit. woot.”

Happy birthday Ke$ha

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