Katy Perry Talks Gaga and Gays

Though she’s been the center of some Lady Gaga hate rumors after some comments she wrote on Twitter, Katy Perry talked to The Advocate about the little pop star drama.

Katy tweeted that “using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke” right around the time that Lady Gaga’s video for Alejandro came out, but she insists she wasn’t singling out the artist.

Katy tells The Advocate:

“Anyone. Whether it’s Madonna hanging on a cross or Russell using the Lord’s name in vain, it makes me feel … I guess I’m just sensitive to it. But the media loves to create these catfights with women — it’s almost a fetish. Sometimes you see it with bands like Blur and Oasis, but rarely you see it between anyone but girls because guys get off on the whole idea. I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga, and hundreds of my tweets have been dedicated to her brilliance. “

As for her stance on gay marriage, and the recently overturned Prop 8, Katy tells the mag:

“It’s absurd that it’s not equality for all. The fact that we’re still dealing with it is stupid. It’s like, fuckin’ come on! It’s interesting because I come from a whole different world where I was raised with the idea that being gay was taboo and not right. Even though I love my parents and we can agree to disagree, I’m glad I’ve had my eyes opened.”

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