Betty Ford Staffer Calls Off Civil Suit Against Lindsay Lohan

Dawn Holland, the Betty Ford staffer who was going after Lindsay Lohan for battery has called off the dogs.

She’s now focusing her attention on the Betty Ford Clinic for wrongful termination.

This suggests that she may have known she was going to lose any case against Lindsay, due to little or no evidence and is doing the only thing she can at hopes of making some kind of a buck.

But according to Dawn’s lawyer, she’s now “rooting” for Lindsay:

“Dawn has no ax to bear with Lindsay. Dawn has seen the hard work Lindsay has been doing in rehab. Dawn is rooting Lindsay on, and praying for her recovery. We won’t be taking any civil action against Ms. Lohan. Our investigation into potential civil rights claims, and wrongful termination claims against Betty Ford is ongoing.”

It’s good news for Lindsay no matter what happened that night. She’ll be cleared of all accusations.

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