EXCLUSIVE!!! Millionaire Playboy Keith Middlebrook Tells Starzlife He Wishes Lindsay Lohan “Great Success”

Lindsay Lohan was back on the cover of Star Magazine again last week, when an article revealed that she had been drinking vodka/redbulls at the Chateau Marmont hotel during a recent stay with entrepreneur Keith Middlebrook taking care of all the expenses.

Lindsay has since denied any and all claims that she’s had a sip of alcohol to multiple sources, but in a statement EXCLUSIVELY to Starzlife, Middlebrook is telling us his side of the story.

“Here is what happened. Over the course of a few weekends at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood many people watched me pay for Lindsay Lohan’s drinks on a few occasions. In a safe and responsible setting Lindsay did drink multiple Redbull and Vodkas that were paid for with my American Express Card. Someone who witnessed this at the hotel reported to Star Magazine about Lindsay drinking. Star magazine had since been repeatedly calling and calling me stating they had credit card receipts with a person named “Keith Middlebrook” and that they had many witnesses saying they saw me paying for Lindsay drinks with my AmEX. They said they wanted to interview me for the purpose of giving me a chance to respond before they did the story.  I agreed to this and I did say yes that on a few weekends that I did pay for all drinks, like I always do, but that it was RESPONSIBLE drinking and not excessive. Just normal like anyone might do. I told them there was NO driving under the influence and that we stayed in the Hotel the entire time.  I also said this was only on Fridays and Saturdays and that Sunday thru Thursday Lindsay was completely focused on working and had not a drop of alcohol.  I was even receiving calls and texts 2-5 times from her a day checking in.

I told Star magazine that Lindsay is focused and ready to kick ass in any film. Everything I said to Star about Lindsay Lohan was POSITIVE! I would NEVER say anything NEGATIVE and I would NEVER say anything to HURT anyone, especially someone I consider my friend like I do Lindsay! Star completely dramatized my statements to them in true tabloid fashion and made up things like “Relapse”, “Booze filled nights” and other things I NEVER said or would EVER say about Lindsay! When I questioned Star about why they said these things they made no apologies, rather Star’s response when I called them was “It was legal for us to say whatever we wanted.”

I’ve got to know and spend time with Lindsay over the course of 5 weeks. I’ve reviewed her case with her and my legal contacts and have made many phone calls on her behalf concerning her legal issues (including escorting her to court on March 10). Before this magazine article I had received numerous text messages from Lindsay saying things such as “your AWESOME!” and “I owe you big, big, big time!”

Even after receiving 144 texts and phone calls from Lindsay and having always paid for everything like drinks, meals and Hotels, without ever saying anything, or ever complaining I was hurt to see Lindsay seriously  lie and say on the internet “I met Keith Middlebrook once and then he started stalking me”.

Also for the record I did not receive any money, not one dime for my response.

I still wish Lindsay Great Success and Nothing Less!”

Lohan appeared in court on Friday where her necklace theft case was dropped to a misdemeanor, however the violation of her probation landed her a 120 day jail sentence.  She was released on bail in just five hours and will appeal.

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