How CBS Might Explain Charlie Sheen’s Exit From Two And A Half Men

It almost couldn’t have been written any better than this.

Questions to just how Charlie Sheen would be explained as gone from ‘Two And A Half Men’ have been circulating ever since he was fired from the show after his break down, however all we had to do was look at the tape all along.

In the last episode that aired before the show production was put on pause, Charlie’s character was seen boarding a plane to Paris.  A source close to the show has told TMZ that creator Chuck Lorre will likely use that plane ride as the way to have Charlie gone from the show for good.

Rather than come up with some big theory or explanation, or killing him off, (as much as they’d probably like to) it’s easiest to assume that he will just be considered in Paris the whole time, with eventual jokes about how he’s not come back yet.

The real question is how will they introduce Ashton Kutcher, and who will he be playing?

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