Keith Middlebrook’s Response to Tabloid Media: For the record

Yes, in a very respectful manner, actor Keith Middlebrook admits and without hesitation, that he did say Jennifer Aniston was the #1 hottest, sexiest woman in Hollywood and continued by saying “I meant it the then, and I still believe it now”. He says he did not however say Justin Theroux fantasized about Angelina Jolie.

A popular magazine called and asked Middlebrook about an actor he had worked with on Iron Man 2 named Justin Theroux.  In a question stemming from a previous article published in “In Touch” Magazine, Middlebrook was asked if he was familiar with the alleged past drug use by Theroux that supposedly involved heroin and cocaine.  Middlebrook”s  response to the magazine was “after working with him, it would be hard to believe.” He continued by saying,  ”He’s too straight, too together.  He would be the last person I would ever suspect to do any drugs, period. 

Justin not only appeared as a cop in Iron Man 2 (photo shown below, Theroux wore a mustache  and instructed Middlebrook to arrest Justin Hammer) but he also wrote screen play.

During filming, Middlebrook even commended the actor on his excellent, ripped condition on the film “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”.

Middlebrook tells us, “Justin Theroux in my opinion is an all around good guy”.

During our chat, Keith Middlebrook told Starzlife that he never received ANY money at all for his response, and according to the actor,  “Some people tell me I am very successful.” 

*Middlebrook admits at this point in his career All money received from film and television work goes to Charity.

He explains, “If I am ever in front of a camera. somewhere, a child,  a mother, or family in need will benefit with food, clean water, shelter, school supplies or advancement in medical technology for a cure”.

Ending our chat,  Middlebrook says “GO SEE WANDERLUST, it is Hilarious!”

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