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D’Ya Think Tila Tequila Successfully Hijacked Casey Johnson’s Death?

Here’s a screen cap of the Google News item for Casey Johnson‘s funeral. The goddamn picture is of Tila Tequila. For the love of Christ. A picture of Casey Kasem or Don Johnson would have been more appropriate.

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Johnson Family Urges Larry King to Cancel Chat With Tila

Tila Tequila is ready for her close up on Larry King Live next Tuesday, but Casey Johnson’s family and friends are trying to put a stop to it. The reality actress who was “engaged” to the late Johnson& Johnson heiress is rumored to be King’s only guest for the whole hour, during a show that […]

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Where Casey Johnson’s Dogs At? Being Rescued From That Nutcase Tila Tequila By That Nutcase Bijou Phillips

Bijou Phillips and Nicky Hilton have rescued the late Casey Johnson‘s dogs from Tila Tequila, the New York Post reports. Bij’ and Nick showed up at TT’s house to rescue the tiny pups, triggering a Tila meltdown because she believed the dogs were going to be euthanized and buried with the dead heiress. Come on, […]

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Paris Remembers Casey Johnson

Paris Hilton, fellow socialite and long time friend of the Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, who was found dead yesterday, released the following to Life & Style regarding her friends death; “I am devastated to hear this news. I’ve known Casey since I was a baby. She had a big heart and she was […]

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Where does Tila Tequila Get Her News From?

The person surely to be the most dramatically devastated over the death of her fiance, Casey Johnson, is Tila Tequila. After the shocking news broke that the Jonson & Johnson heiress had been found dead last night,  Tila took to her Twitter page.  Because where else would you turn in this situation? Tila first tweeted; […]

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