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Everyone is Fighting With Their Mom Part 3: Jason Davis

Celebrity trend alert! Fighting with your mom is the new coolest thing! There’s a saying in journalism: two examples make a trend. In that case, we’re currently in the midst of a fight-with-your-mom epidemic. Frances Bean vs. Courtney, Bow Wow vs. Ms. Bow Wow and now Jason Davis vs. Barbara Davis. OK, fine, Barbara Davis […]

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Gummi Grimes Up Fashion Week.

Jason “Gummi Bear” Davis attended the Ed Hardy street wear show at LA Fashion week at Smashbox Studios this past monday. Jason was there to support his designer friend, Christian Audigier.  Sources at the show said he was outside smoking like a chimney and dressed in his most comfortable sweat pants. Check out Grimey Bear […]

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Billionaire Jason “Gummi Bear” Davis trying to bum smokes off of party goers at Christian Audigier’s white party this past weekend. First pawning his rolex and now bumming smokes?  Could there be money troubles for big J?

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Mama Bear comes out of hibernation!

Jason “Gummi Bear” Davis was out and about in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon, and surprisingly enough, no, the pretty girls behind him were NOT with him.  He was with his mother, Mama Bear.

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Didn’t this guy just get outa rehab?

Jason “Gummi Bear” Davis, who has battled drug and alcohol problems in the past was sippin’ it up at Christian Audigiers 50th birthday party this weekend in LA.

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