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Her Knight in Shining Armor.

Ashton Kutcher shielded his wife, Demi Moore from photographers as the two exited a Kabbalah center this past weekend.

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OMG, ASHTON!! Are you all right, you adorable little maniac, you?!

Ashton Kutcher gets a little taste of his own medicine!! (use your imagination if you will and picture Ashton Kutcher diving over the front passenger corner of a Mercedes G Wagon. . .Kinda like those old folks looked when they almost got run down by the prankster last Saturday before the Kid’s choice awards. . […]

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Demi Moore: Celebs Justice

Just in case you forgot. . .On March 4th, Demi Moore and her daughters left Donna Karan’s party in Los Angeles and were in such a huge hurry Demi smashed into a parked Escalade! The police were called and Demi Moore was then pulled over by six cop cars on the suspicion of a hit […]

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OMG, Tallulah Willis!

“Tallulah Willis wears very short shorts while shopping with Bruce Willis in West Hollywood.”  

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Demi Moore comes clean – literally!

Moore reveals the secret to staying young and in your prime! Don’t be ashamed, Demi! The technique sucks, but if it works… So, last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, Demi Moore revealed her beauty secret… Used for centuries as a detox mechanism and sexual health treatment; leech therapy now seems to be […]

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Yours, mine, and ours.

The Willis and the Kutchers make one big, happy family! Bruce Willis seems to be settling down, smitten with hot model girlfriend, 27 year old Emma Heming!!  He seems to be once again embracing his “united family” ideals and beliefs, in order to create a happy, healthy, educational environment for his kids.  Willis and Heming […]

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National Enquirer headlines for March 31, 2008

Hmm… Juicy! What’cha think?!

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Celebs are killing the environment!

I don’t know how many celebs are bragging these days about going “GREEN” and are speeding around in their  hybrids all in the name of fuel efficiency and saving the world from Global Warming.  Here is something I found to be very shocking and to be honest a bit refreshing after seeing all these uber […]

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Demi Moore: Going wild in LA!! Crashes into an Escalade, and speeds off!!

EXCLUSIVE & Shocking! Demi has been out partying at all hours, and even pulling herself a “Britney” or two! Aah, the beauty of young Hollywood!

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Bruce Willis: soon to buy himself a wig and checkered Vans!!

Its adorable, but I still think there’s something wrong with this dude… I was always somewhat intrigued by Bruce Willis’ love for Ashton Kutcher, but I dismissed it as a smart way for an experienced dad to stay close to his kids… And, although I still think that has a lot to do with his […]

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