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Britney Spears Update!

According to the L.A. Times,”Authorities said the welfare hold was prompted by a telephone call they received from Spear’s psychiatrist. It was unclear exactly when they had received the call, but it was apparent that the operation had been carefully planned over a period of time. 

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Sam Lufti is the DEVIL!

How can this guy talk Sh*t about Britney Spears’ Mom and Dad, who are just trying to help her? No matter what they are her blood and they love her more then this anti-christ. Calling up Barbara Walters, talking like he is some sort of medical professional. Team Adnan all the way Baby! Sam needs […]

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Britney Spears Update!

After a few hours of driving around with Adnan. Britney met up with her Mom and Sam Lufti to pick up some things from a 24 hour drugstore.  Lynne seems to be holding on super tight to her daughter.  Britney needs help.  Intervention time y’all.

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Team Adnan speaks

“Adnan did not try to break into Britney’s house.Anyone who claims that to be the case has been severely misinformed.The truth is that Sam Lutfi started an argument with Britney and the two ended up in a screaming fight. Sam continued to verbally abuse Britney as she sat barefoot on the curb at her Summit […]

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Britney is on the Move!

Britney has had it Y’all! She’s just got through having a screaming match with Lufti and called Adnan to rescue her. When her knight arrived at the gate he was refused entry, because Sam called up and told the rent a cops that he wasn’t allowed in! Right now she is on the 405 driving […]

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Here comes Mama!

Lynne Spears arrived at LAX last night, hopefully to visit with Britney.  It’s about damn time!  I mean I know Zoey 101 is underage and knocked up, but how unfair is it that she has been spending all of her time with Jamie?  Here’s my theory. . .Lynne was watching Entertainment tonight like the rest […]

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I had a dream!

This rain is doing wonders for my sleep life, I have to admit. So soothing to hear the rain fall, I think it puts me into a deeper sleep. Anywho, I had a dream right before I woke up that I ran into Adnan Ghalib, while in a parking structure. He gave me a big […]

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Britney Spears Made It!

***UPDATE***She just left court… BEFORE the hearing began! Hopefully she just went on a Starbucks run! Yes folks, Britney Spears arrived only minutes after K-Fed for her emergency custody hearing! I wonder who dared to wake her up before 9a.m. They probably lied to her and told her they were going to the Cheeto factory. […]

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My Editorial on Adnan Ghalib

  Let me start by saying that I LOVE ADNAN GHALIB!!!  He would say, “GHALIB, Gotta have a lady in bed!”  He was a charmer and quite the player.  So, when I saw on the boob tube that good old Adnan had found new love with Britney Spears, I thought, how cute.  I watched with the […]

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Somebody Help!

Although, I have been assured by a very reliable source that Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana is very well grounded and just a regular fifteen year old girl. . .I am having a really tough time buying it.   These pictures from the red carpet are so steamy I have to defog my eyeglasses!  I […]

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